Monday, June 11, 2007

missing time

1. Sorry for not updating for a bit - one day slips past another this time of year and suddenly it's a week later. I have no explanation.
The weekend really was very quiet. On Saturday, Kat and Ben stopped in to say hello to Matt and Porter, which was fun - I haven't seen Kat and Ben in quite a while. The boys did very little except the usual sort of gaming and injokes; I stayed out of the way and read a lot of Agatha Christie novels.
Sunday night, after Matt and Porter left, Sean and I managed to ramp up the geek factor (no easy feat considering the sheer number of obscure video game references and ringtones earlier in the weekend); we walked out to Second Cup and he taught me how to play chess. I've always kind of avoided being taught chess, but I enjoyed the game a lot, and it was a nice way to pass the evening. When we got home, we rounded out the weekend by watching the Return of the King (extended edition, of course).

2. This week is another work week. Yesterday I went to work and Sean had the day off, but didn't really seem to enjoy it much; when I got home, though, we walked out to get some groceries and ate cherries all the way home, which restored us both enough to have a really good evening.
Today was... more work. I've pretty much finished all but the last few details of our advertising for the Rothesay festival, and I'm all set to get Geraldine (the French girl) to start on the translation of the site tomorrow. I have a few other projects I'd like to see her do - not my projects, but projects that the board sighs over but no one has time to do.

3. Lately we've been seeing the same three people all over Fredericton, all the time, with big signs reading "Free Hugs". They deliver, too. With big smiles. Porter got one at the market and was completely satisfied.
On Saturday, though, not only were there nondenominational free hugs, but a number of Christian churches in town were doing giveaways downtown - a free barbecue, free cans of pop, and so on.

4. Just one link today: the Blob that Stalks Brooklyn from Below. It's actually pretty creepy to think about.

5. Tonight: cleaning? sewing? who knows? The only plan for sure: a big happy pot of chili.


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