Thursday, May 31, 2007

once in a blue moon

1. If there's something you only do once in a blue moon, this is the day to do it. Tonight is the second full moon this month, the most commonly accepted definition of a "blue moon". So... go crazy, eat a whole litre of ice cream, go to the movies, order something ridiculous at a restaurant, buy a bottle of tequila, update your blog. Or be really boring like me, and pick "thinning out your closet" as that rare event to be chosen to celebrate a trick of astronomy and calendars. It certainly qualifies in my case.

2. Today I went to work, even though I don't really start until tomorrow, to see how the move is going and to see the new space. We moved our offices from the Phoenix building, next to city hall, all the way to the Charlotte Street Arts Centre. The new space is about four times the size, with big windows and hardwood floors, which is pretty great. It's about three blocks from this apartment and five blocks from the new apartment (which is across the street from the old office). I kind of wish we didn't have to unpack the whole thing before we can seriously get on planning the Rothesay festival, because it's just over a month away, but somehow things always work out that way.

3. This evening: doing something about my closet, and also something about my blooooog.


Blogger dp said...

I am trying not to eat anything in the evenings... so tonight, I hope to succeed... That would be my "once in a blue Moon". Of course, how often do you get to have a whole container of ice cream....., I do that all the time. No eating in the evening...that's the "once in a blue moon". ugh.. darn.

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