Sunday, June 03, 2007

o frabjous day! calloo! callay!

1. I have vanquished the laundry beast. I now have about a third as many clothes than I did this morning. No vorpal swords necessary, but it was a near thing.

2. Aside from sorting and folding and hanging all day, I also went for a couple walks in the sun. The first was to bring Sean some food at work (again with the wanting to eat!). As I walked there, I passed a man playing Vivaldi solos on the corner at King's Place, with a ghetto blaster orchestra backing him up; on the way back, he was playing a jazzed up When The Saints Come Marching In, again to the accompaniment of a recording. It was pretty interesting - I wonder if he comes out every weekend.

3. After work, Sean and I grabbed a coffee and then wandered down to the riverbank to quietly pass the evening.
4. There's this blogger/author/cool dude named Corey Doctorow. Three of his books are available here, for free, legally. He's pretty famous in the rather geeky circles I travel in, so a geeky webcomic called xkcd can mock him and be more or less certain that their audience knows the name:
But it's even better when he himself can get into it:
That is all.

5. Tomorrow: work, and doing something about all the homeless clothes in the living room.

6. Here are some pictures of the new office space (the old one was about a quarter of the size).
My new "office", with my very own desk and very own chair and very own filing cabinet (I'm not sure what I will file though). It's about a sixth of the total floorspace. Yes, those are real hardwood floors and twenty foot ceilings. The Charlotte Street Arts Centre used to be a school. This is one of the original chalk boards, with a chalk mermaid drawn by a summer student of the Arts Centre some years ago that no one has erased yet. It's right by Shasta's desk so I think she will probably go soon.
Standing in the doorway, this is a view of the whole room. In the far end is Kate's "office" which is hiding behind that wood cabinet; you can see the kitchenette door, Amy's desk right next to it, the great big board table, and lots of clutter from moving.And here is Shasta's space (her desk hadn't arrived yet) and the reception area, with the big black thing between me and Shasta to hold binders and whatnot. Shasta is looking exasperated in pink, Amy is straightening things, and Silas (Amy's husband) is supervising or something.


Blogger dp said...

Good for you. And doesn't it feel good.... Unclutter. a good motto
good cheeeeeee. How ya feeling, anyway? Your cold leaving?

9:51 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Charlotte Street School is where the kids take ballet. It's a great repurposed building. The halls are lined with local artists art. Neat.... Gail

6:57 AM  
Blogger dp said...

did I mention that Sean is too cute... and the crown (feet crown) of dandies is adorable.

12:03 PM  

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