Friday, June 22, 2007

food vendors are hard to find

1. Well. Finally posted that other entry (it's below this one). Yup. There are even pictures.

2. This week has been a whirling mess of advertising and not finding a food vendor for Rothesay. I've called practically every restaurant in Saint John with no one biting. No fewer than five have done the "well, send me lots of information and call me every day for the next few days" routine before saying no. We're getting a little stressed.
Other than that, work is going really rather well, in the big picture.

3. Outside of work, I've done very little, unless you count sleeping and reading Harry Potter books, and watching really lame, geeky movies. How lame and geeky? Star Wars fan film geeky. You don't even want to know.
The best news of the week was definitely from our new landlord. The weird dude who stapled sleeping bags over the windows of our new place is moving out on the 29th, which means we get to move on Friday and Saturday and probably have this place vacant and clean before the new people move in here. We're also allowed to paint as long as it's not, you know, bright red or black or something hard to paint over. Yay!

4. Yesterday, I met a snake. Silas and Amy used to have a snake, but their landlord heard of it at their wedding and freaked out (he's phobic of them) and they had to give it away for a couple of months. They've just bought a house, so he went over to get the snake back and brought it in to the office briefly.
  • Silas and the snake:
  • Me and the snake (no, they don't bother me):
I have no idea what to call it - its real name is Ruby, but they tend to just call it Snakey. It's really pretty, though - even in these pictures you can see how pretty it is, and it's about to shed so it looks pretty dull compared to normal. It's a corn snake; they come in a number of colours. I kind of want one now.

5. Today, Shasta and I went to Saint John to poster and see the Commons (where the festival will be). It thundered and rained at us in Rothesay, and then again on the way home, but I did take a fun picture in uptown Saint John:
5. Linkage:
  • There's this historic building in Fredericton that a church wants to bulldoze to build a parking lot. People have been upset for a while now - and it looks like the city might actually do something!
  • This prom vehicle actually made Fark, where even the Farkers thought New Brunswickans were pretty weird. I guess it just seems natural to me.
  • I am so excited about the idea of this book. Knitting? For men? Really?
  • This is just braintwisting. Why, Japan? Why?
6. This weekend: packing. And... packing. Maybe knitting. And packing.


Blogger dp said...

I love the prom car...great idea.
great about the guy who is moving out the day before. So do you want daddy to come up on Friday night to get a start on moving?

9:19 PM  

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