Friday, June 15, 2007

101 posts

1. Somehow I missed that my last entry was post #100 on this blog. Go me! I also missed, um, some days. My excuse this time: our router has been in a snit ever since Matt and Porter's visit, and keeps having wacky IP conflicts so that only one of us is online at a time.

2. Today, I am in love with this:Facebook has recently introduced a million little applications you can add to your profile for random things, but Catbook is the only one I've bothered with. My cats each have profiles (and friends!):It's pretty cute.

3. This week has been kind of long. Work is good, but ongoing projects like this don't have a lot of payoff until you get to the actual festival and see what you have wrought. Geraldine worked with us all week, but has apparently gotten a job, so my ambitious plans are all falling apart. Luckily there's not that much left of the website to translate.

4. Outside of work, things have also been quiet. I've been working on something that I hope will turn into a cardigan or shrug, and Sean has been working a lot. We ran into Danielle yesterday, and admired her new haircut:And had Sean's former coworker Phil come over in the evening, which was fun.
We've been showing the house to people for the past week trying to get a subletter for July, and people #4 came this morning - a mother looking for a place for her first year son. They were thrilled that, unlike the rest of the cheap downtown places they were looking at, our apartment is rather nice and not a crack shack, so they decided to take it! Moving will be awkward - a huge one-day extravaganza - but it's nice to not have to pay double rent.

5. Some random (mostly cat) pictures from the week:
  • Parallax has big freaky paws. I've never really captured them in photography before, though, so here you go.
  • Parallax is also learning that the outside can be nice. We take her on Tonks' old leash. She doesn't really like the leash, but she seems to enjoy the outings, even though it's just the buttercup patch by our door.
  • Tonks, on the other hand, prefers the nice, safe indoors. Without curtains, though.
  • A non cat picture! This is our awesome board table.
(having difficulty loading pictures, will put the rest up in a bit)


Blogger dp said...

Now I really want Facebook.... Icould have a cat page, a dog page, a garden page.....

I am excited for you to move to your new place...can't wait to see it.

11:28 AM  
Blogger dp said...

where is 102...102.... getting sick of 101

6:37 PM  
Blogger cpm said...

love your Mom's last message...where is 102??
your facebook pic is hot!

1:02 PM  

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