Monday, April 16, 2007

sad girls in snow

1. It's snowing. WHY GOD WHY.

2. As you can see by yesterday's entry, I am in fact a procrastination ninja, but there comes a time even for ninjas when you can't put things off much longer and still feel good about it - and really, feeling good is what procrastination is all about.
Note that I'm still writing blog entries. I can't really explain that.
But blog entries or no, it's 8:30 and I've already crossed one large headache off my list. I have two more large annoyances to get through - one much larger than the other - before heading up to campus at noonish to get on with some Latin, as the exam is on Friday. While there, I can deal with between one and four of my other to-do items; I think I will aim for as many as possible, which will probably be two, depending on business hours and how much Latin we do. The others can be dealt with tomorrow.

3. The curry was tasty, but like everything I cook, had some serious flaws. Flaw #1, in this case, was too much curry, which is unusual for me; generally I err in the tasteless direction (ha ha ha). In any case it was nothing that couldn't be fixed with mango chutney. The more basic and grievous errors were probably to do with using the wrong kind of curry - red curry paste instead of yellow curry powder - and no coconut milk. All that aside, we didn't have to throw it out, so it's enough of a success to make me happy.

4. As you can see in my webcomic links, I admit to enjoying Megatokyo. It's an older webcomic, going back for probably seven years or more now, and based loosely on manga principles, though it started with more of a gamer angle. The art has improved greatly, and the storyline gets more and more tangled as time goes on. Some people think it's overly dramatic and wimpy, but I'm the proud owner of a fuzzy Sad Girl In Snow blanket (in which I am bundled right now) and I have desperately wanted the companion piece featuring Miho since it came out.
Today's comic, here, confused me when I first read it at 7 am, then delighted me when I woke up a bit. It's the first nerdy sort of joke they've had in a bit - at least the kind of nerd I am, as opposed to their more customary anime nerd jokes - and it speaks volumes about the characters and our generation in general. The two main characters have just had a very eventful sort of night and Largo is angry and threatened - hence the attempts at yelling. The punchline, such as it is, is so true it hurts a little, like all good comics; a lot of people, especially people like Largo - gamers or people who live the better part of their life online - prefer to weep and rail over instant messages, face to face making the encounter more awkward and the sentiments harder to express.
Overthinking webcomics isn't even really procrastination at this point, as my honours seminar proposal is about just this sort of thing.

5. I think that whatever is bothering the upstairs dudes enough to slaughter our lamps is definitely crazy-girlfriend-related. They left early this morning, and all morning the phone has been ringing until the machine picks up, pausing, and then ringing again. Someone is not very happy.

6. The blogger's life is a hard one (click for larger viewing):


Blogger dp said...

I am totally into that comic, the last one. Its like when I first got into scrapbooking, and every picture I took was scrapbooked in my head. Now everything I do, I plan out a blog... sick...
I love when you blog..but I hate when you procrastinate. Its a cruel world.

6:11 AM  

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