Wednesday, April 11, 2007

last class bash

1. Except, of course, read "bash" as "sitting around the apartment drinking ginger ale with Sean and working on more homework". It didn't actually occur to me until today that this was, in point of fact, my last day of class, Professor Kerr having canceled class tomorrow because there isn't any more class to be had.

2. Monday's trip was long and arduous, but I got have to souvlaki at Fahda's in Moncton, and got home on time to rescue Sean from his paper, which was eating his soul (seriously). We had a pleasant, nonpapery evening of watching House and Boondock Saints and eating Easter chocolate.

3. Yesterday was a busy, busy day, at least in the morning. I went to class, booked a flight (MEXICO!), got my hair trimmed so that it looks less like a ratnest (apologies to Binnie), and, um, did something else. I can't even remember what, at this point. I went home and slept all afternoon - I think I'm sleeping off the badness of the winter, the amount I've been sleeping and dreaming lately - and then went to coffee with Sean and Megan, who is a lot of fun.
Last night was one of those nights when I planned to do a lot of terribly important things and then just sort of didn't.

4. Today was more in the way of busy busy - mostly to do with rushing to catch up with the work that I was supposed to do last night, and also beginning the processing of my student loan. Just when I had the process of Nova Scotia student loans down, I get to learn a whole new secret handshake to get my money; instead of processing it at the school and then the Royal Bank, now I get to fill out some extra forms and process it at the post office. The more you know.
I also had my last honours seminar class today, which I find really kind of depressing. I've grown to really look forward to that class, as much work as it can be, because I really like my classmates, and the conversations we have about our class work are just so interesting. Luckily, half the class is going to Mexico - possibly more now, because Mary and I were talking about it and Jill finally broke and said she'd try and sign up at the last minute (which, of course, Christiane is more than happy to allow).
I also got my information package for Merida... so much travel! So many hotels! I'll write it out later, but the best part of today was talking to Christiane about the plane reservations; apparently there are basically two groups of us, with the lion's share of the class flying out of Fredericton sickeningly early and arriving in Cancun in the afternoon, and then a few more arriving in the evening. Christiane told me today that instead of sitting around the airport, she's going to drop us off at the beach for the afternoon - "so pack your swimsuit in your carry on, yes?"
Have better words ever been spoken?


Blogger dp said...

I can't believe your done classes, and with only one Exam to worry about... you are 90% done year 5. wow. Time flies. Mexico to look forward to, A job in June, a new apt, and a whole summer of possibilities....

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