Sunday, April 08, 2007


1. Have I mentioned that my house is the Greenwood Residence for Geriatric Pets? We currently have an eighteen-year-old cat named Sonny:
Sonny has recently earned the name "Howie", for developing a compulsive paw-washing habit, especially but not limited to when people touch his paws. He's also deaf, and just generally eccentric, as seen above, when he decided Scott's head was a better place to sleep than his customary spot on the couch. (picture via Scott)

2. Easter Egg Hunt Pictures:

(Picture via our first stop on the road rally, Jill, but posted by my mom)

(Picture via our last stop, Chantal, who had our big basket o' prizes! Also posted by Mom.)

The past several years of Easter egg hunts have been community affairs; rather than wimp out and not do hunts because we're too old or something (we're still in school! come on) they've just gotten more complex. Two years ago we had a very involved road rally involving clues like roosters on silos and distances on the meter on which we got horribly lost more than once; last year, we went on a geocaching, handheld GPS excursion on foot all over Greenwood. This year we went around the Valley (Middleton - Berwick - Cambridge - Middleton - Kingston - Greenwood) meeting old teachers and friends along the way, and also a very wiggly puppy named Lucia (probably misspelled) who wanted to jump in the car and join us. Mom swears this is the last year, but I'm hoping to drag Sean on one of these bunny ear adventures yet.

3. Tomorrow: bus bus bus. And then probably homework. *sigh*
But I get to see Sean and the kitties, so it will be good anyway :)


Blogger cpm said...

Great fun to see you all! Your Mom is such a hoot! Hope the bus ride goes smoothly!

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