Saturday, April 07, 2007

embarrassed tulips

1. Mom bought some closed up tulips a few days ago, not knowing what colour they were, and that they've opened we've discovered they're basically white, but with a sort of pink blush to some of them as though embarrassed. I'll post a picture if anyone takes one - I didn't bring my camera, you see.

2. What have I done since yesterday? After finishing up my template, we played dice and I won the first two games neatly. I usually have pretty bad luck, so it was a nice change. I've also turned the heel on the ribbed socks I'm knitting to use up the rest of the bamboo yarn; the ones with the simple lace pattern were still not simple enough to not get lost in the crazy hypnotic colours.

3. So I'm still stupidly proud of my new template, but the transparency is sort of annoying when it's applied to pictures inside my posts. I wonder if there's a graceful way of dealing with that? In any case, you can still click on the pictures to get a larger and non-transparent version.

4. Some links:
  • I've been listening to Feist's two albums a lot over the past year, and so I'm pretty happy that she's getting popular in that indy sort of way. Even better: she's coming out with an new album!
  • I'm a huge fan of Google Labs; even though they're almost on the point of becoming big and rich enough to be evil by default, the Googleplex and the Google philosophy are pretty great. A real relic of the insane dotcom days. If you enjoy little widgety bits of programs, and haven't been to Google Labs, you're really missing out; the latest that I'm playing with is the Google Browser Sync for Firefox, my browser of choice; it allows you to track your histories, bookmarks, and open windows across various windows and even different machines as part of your Google profile (which for me includes Gmail, Google Desktop, Google Notebook, Google Calendar...). Yes, I'm a Google fangirl, in low intensity sort of way. (By the way... they also own this Blogger service. Surprise!)
  • I want to make one of these. I have no idea how, but it looks like a hoot.


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