Thursday, April 26, 2007

well, now I feel silly

Deadlines are always a lot less traumatic from the other side, no?

1. Yup, got that essay and exam done. It's a good sort of feeling, to really and truly be done for the year. I'm not really responsible for anything now except for packing and getting to the airport on time.

2. Tonight was my last night of work at the NBCC before I take off to Mexico, so I got to do a few fun things, like formatting the Spring newsletter. I think this was the quickest our newsletter has ever come together, though of course there were a few things missing (usually it takes us about three weeks to get all the write ups and so on from all the people involved).

3. Pictures!
Why yes, that's Sean, and yes, that's a $2000 silver tie he's wearing.

Standing in my driveway last night, looking left: HYDRANT ASPLODE! Our water pressure had been really annoying Sean all evening, so I went out to investigate and discovered why.

Standing in my driveway last night, looking slightly to the right: the historic Loyalist graveyard across the street. It's a park, which I think really confuses people from out of town, seeing people having picnics and throwing frisbees for dogs amongst the stones.
The aforementioned Yuppie Scum [sic] condos, all finished. It's kind of a crummy area, as you can see by my next picture.
Turn 180 degrees from the Yuppie Scum picture, and you get... a historic train station, falling into decrepitude, and also some rather disgusting parking lots and scrub. I have photographed it with the sun behind it trying to be artsy, but have failed miserably as you can see. I'll try and take better pictures of the train station another day. I'm hopeful that someone will fix it up; there are all sorts of rumours about what may someday happen to it, but I fear the likeliest is that it will just plain fall down, allowing the Irvings (who own it) to sell the land for more condos.

Oh yes, and the camera is the Samsung Digimax S600, with 6 mp of fun!


Blogger dp said...

do you take picture requests... I would like to see the location, from the outside, of your new apt
and maybe a picture of the front of the Bejewel Store... and maybe, a picture of you!!!

9:26 PM  

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