Tuesday, April 24, 2007


1. Last week, it was winter. There was snow and coats and brring.
This week, it is uncomfortable to wear more than one layer. Ah, Canada.

2. So I would apologize for not updating my blog this weekend, but at least I have an excuse; I was was away at Sean's parents' house, where there is only dialup. For the rest of you - I'm looking at you, Mom and Michelle - there are no excuses.
It was a pretty quiet weekend, featuring lots of tea, lots of ridiculously good Chinese food, and a few really hideously funny bad movies (Spice World? Super Troopers? Jewel of the Nile? Sweet) but the star attraction was Lucy, the extremely wiggly puppy. She has a sort of shepherd face, or maybe collie-rottweiler... she's a mysterious mix, but 100% adorable. She torments Bailey, the older dog, because Bailey is too sweet to really put her in her place, but has learned to respect Oliver, the cat. She seemed to appreciate having an extra two bodies to chase around, stealing my knitting and chasing Sean as he practiced on a unicycle.

3. We got back yesterday on the noon bus, and spent most of the rest of the day wandering around Fredericton in the hot, hot sun. We went up to campus so I could drop some more paperwork off at CEL, and then caught the bus uptown and visited lots of stores, though we didn't buy very much. One of the highlights of the trip was the walk back; we stopped at Superstore and managed to find boxes of farfalle (bow tie pasta), which Sobeys refuses to carry anymore, and rented some movies at Jumbo, which will provide us with entertainment for a week, I think.

4. Later on in the evening the Ninja stopped by for a quick visit; she gave me a Classics textbook for my collection, and stayed for a Sprite float and conversation. She's leaving today for her summer quarters in Montreal, which is too bad... at least I'll see her online, and of course back at school next year.

5. So today I'm working on the last dregs of schoolwork, and Sean is at his first real day of work in over a year, training at Bejewel. He was terribly nervous, but I think he'll calm down when he gets there.
One week until Mexico... I have a new camera (birthday present from Mom thank you thank you!!) coming by courier tomorrow and a lot of packing, laundry, shopping, and last minute stuff to handle, as well as this schoolwork and probably, though at this point not definitely, a trip to Miramichi. I've emailed Sue a couple times about it, but if she doesn't let me know today or tomorrow I'll have to assume we're not going. Though I wouldn't mind going, I do sort of want as much time to pull everything together as possible before I go.

6. Linkage!
  • I'm thinking about these removable wall decals as a good solution to my decorating issues with 20' ceilings. One set will make for a good accent to take them away from boring white box syndrome (the plague of all rental apartments)... I don't really want to paint 20' ceilings even though it would be very, very cool in the end.
  • This is a really interesting slideshow about the phenomenon of incredibly racist product spokescharacters.
  • The governor of Oregon is a cool dude, and I applaud him (and his wife).


Blogger Scott said...

Glad you had fun at Sean's parents. Wish him luck for me on the j-o-b. That's pretty cool about Oregon Gov. I like the fact that's he's democratic...you wouldn't see a republican doing that. Haha, can you imagine Shwartenaggar (sp??) on a food stamp diet?

3:13 PM  
Blogger mickermoodles said...

I've been BUSY lol studying for hours and hours a day. now its crunch time... :| french exam in 20 minutes and psych exam in 5 hours. I feel like this could ruin my univerity career... i'll blog about it when i'm back!

12:36 PM  

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