Thursday, April 19, 2007

charles, you have a licking problem

1. This absolutely slays me. Michelle and I both enjoy Natalie Dee bunches, and this is her dog, Charles, and her husband Drew singing about Charles. It was pointed out to me by Megan, which shames me, because I should have watched it just from loving her comics without having to have it pointed out to me as awesome. Without further ado: Charles Has A Licking Problem.

2. Well, it's been a quiet couple of days with intermittent work. I slept altogether too much yesterday, but Megan had been over the night before for a really, really long time, so I needed the rest.
Today is cleaning and homework and studying; also, we're going to see that apartment, so I will try to take pictures for you, but if there are people living in it (which is possible) then that might be a little uncouth so I'll just have to take notes and draw MSPaint diagrams.
So we went to see the apartment! It isn't the one that Sean thought it was, but it is really, really cool regardless. It has 20' ceilings and is HUGE compared to this place. The windows are interesting, because they're really big, but look directly at a white wall five feet away, so it's more of a light well effect in that there's lots of light but no one looking into the windows.
(Incidentally, the slob who currently lives there has stapled sleeping bags over them, which is incomprehensible to me because the heat is included in the rent and copious. Weird.)
So, the promised MSPaint diagram:Other interesting points: This is all pretty big. The bedroom looks bigger than our current apartment. Also, it's built like a fortress. You can't hear anything inside it. We share no walls with neighbours, there being just halls on both sides, and below is a men's clothing store, and there's a four foot airspace between us and the apartment upstairs. The building hallways are creepily wide, like a high school (a proper one, not West Kings halls). The cupboards and bathtub are new, the linoleum is old, and there are outlets everywhere, even one ten feet up the wall for a clock. There's laundry in the building next door, there's a garbage hutch outside, there's no parking but we don't have a car, and they don't mind cats.

3. Linkage:
  • a drowned town from a dam project fifty years ago that had been forcefully evacuated? You don't say.
  • Murphy Dining Room!
  • I had no idea miniature dishwashers were so inexpensive.
  • These toilet things are actually really awesome. Everyone should have them. They're pretty common in Japan and other places where water is at a premium.
  • This picture is pretty awesome. I found it randomly on an antique knitting pattern site and was shocked to recognize the Harmony sock knitter. They're knitting socks for WWII soldiers at an institute for the blind.


Blogger dp said...

cool picture of the knitting ladies. And really, Steph, if those ladies can knit socks for the war effort, and they have the disability of no iPod to use, and they are blind, you should be able to make socks in a snap... with eyes and an ipod. Get with it

good luck with the apt....

5:25 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh, neat picture of the Harmony...You need to get knitting a pair for your legally blind grandfather.... Gail.

5:29 PM  
Blogger cpm said...

'kay obviously your Mom never picked up on the fact that there is only ONE bedroom in that floor plan...hmmm I wonder where Sean will sleep lol!

8:27 PM  
Blogger dp said...

Huge bedroom, Chantal, means two beds....duh!!!

9:51 PM  

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