Thursday, April 26, 2007


I'll put up some more pictures tonight, I think. I've been limping through the last little bit of my work - a paper I have all the research for - and am passing it in today. I really could have had it done before now, but today is the due date, and on any given day I'd rather be in the sunshine than working on this stuff still.
This year took a lot out of me. It's the fifth year of my undergraduate degree, which is kind of stupid on the face of it, and it has been a long, long year. Unfortunately, next year looks about the same. Sure, I don't have to take as many classes, but I have to take upper year Greek and upper year Latin, and I'll probably still have to work, and as I don't think one can keep a work study position more than one year, I'll either have to find another work study or a "real job", which would be approximately a million times more stressful. I can hope and pray for a scholarship, but that really just isn't that likely, given that my cumulative GPA is kind of weak, though I can still be hopeful and apply (which I have) on the grounds that my last two years of school have been pretty awesome scholastically. The things that might really get me through next year are my living situation and the fact that I get to graduate at the end of it, which is key. I see now why people do things like "taking a year off" and "doing a gap year", though honestly I don't think it's the best sort of solution for me. Summer "vacation" is enough to recharge me, for the time being.
So here I am, pounding my jellified brain into saying something relevant about Augustus, again, and looking at the sunlight through the blinds.


Blogger dp said...

almost done. One more year. Too bad you can't do the arch lab stuff again next year. Maybe there is another lab you can work in?

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