Monday, April 30, 2007

pre-boarding call

My plane takes off in eight hours, and I ought to be asleep, but I tend to get last minute attacks of nerves with these trips. I remember barely being able to choke down some iced tea before I got on the plane to Japan when I was 14, and last year, going to Belize, I was so scared I threw up all morning waiting for Jess and Katie to come pick me up to go to Bangor. It'll pass once I'm on the road, but right now, looking around at my apartment and watching the cats chase each other around, I'm beginning to doubt that I'll be able to sleep.
Tomorrow morning Sam will pick me up with her boyfriend Mitch at around 4:30, and we'll drive up to the Fredericton airport, which is tiny. For some reason, even though everyone in the world has flights at ungodly hours, I've been in a lot of airports at times when they're completely deserted. Last year Bangor was completely empty both times I was there; for all I know, those shops never open. This time, at least, the Fredericton airport will be full of excited and nervous field school students - Mary and Anne, at least, as well as Christiane.
We leave at 6:30, and arrive at 6:52 in Boston (mind the time difference); then back up again at 8:30 and touch down in Atlanta at 11:18. The last hop is the 12:56 to Cancun, arriving at 2:25. Poor Will will already have been there since 12:50, so he'll be waiting for us at the gate.
From there, since we have a few latecomers in the evening, Christiane is planning to drop us somewhere warm and sunny while we wait, and then we will move on to Valladolid for the overnight stay at Hotel San Clemente.
Wednesday, we travel by bus from Valladolid to Merida, with a day trip in the middle - Chichen Itza! I can't wait to see Chichen Itza, it's one of the most famous Maya sites and I only hope we have enough time to see the best bits.
Wednesday night we move into the Hotel Flamingo, which will be "home" for most of the trip. I'm hopeful that there will be internet access at the hotel (our hotel in Guatemala last year had a computer in the lobby, though it was awkward to use) but if there isn't, I ought to be able to get to a computer at the university on Thursday, when we have our first lecture.
What else..? The only people I have pictures of are Sam, Will and Anne.
Here is Will, doing his best impression of the wonderful diorama at the Museum of Civ in Ottawa, with a line level tied to a stick. This is from Belize. He's sitting on a Maya building.

This is Sam. I couldn't find many good pictures of just her, so here's one from her Facebook.

Anne and her son... isn't he cute? I've only met him once. She's also a weaver, as well as mother, student and new home owner.

Anyway I'm going to attempt to sleep for a bit. See you in a few days...


Blogger dp said...

You will be in my thoughts all day. HOTEL fLAMIGO sounds like a cheesy "2 star" motel from a Gin Joint movie. I hope they sell T shirts.

5:59 AM  
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