Friday, April 27, 2007

my best mark is a B

Just a quick morning post.
The reason I had things due yesterday is that yesterday was the last day of exams; Kerr tends to accept everything without penalty or snark right up til the last minute, and so just made the deadlines yesterday.
UNB has a fun sort of policy where even if your marks have been submitted, they don't release any until all the school's exams are over, so that you don't ditch your remaining exams or commit suicide on school grounds. Good thinking, UNB. Anyway, this morning I got up early to check and see if the Grade Fairy had left anything in my account, and there they were!
  • A+ in Sue's Archaeology of Atlantic Canada
  • A- in Christiane's honours seminar
  • B in Latin
A B IN LATIN! I've only ever gotten C's in that horrible language, which is the bare minimum required to continue. Of all my grades, though I had to work for all of them, the Latin represents the biggest achievement. Any former teachers of mine out there (ahem) might recall that I am a deadline, last minute kind of chick, and sustained effort, especially in languages, is not my cup of tea at all. In fact, it was going to keep me from pursuing the most prestigious variety of Classics degree, because it require so many language classes, until I decided to do it anyway, and here I am.
Just, you know, six more credit hours of that and six credit hours of Greek left. Woo.
The only mark I'm waiting on now is Kerr's Augustus seminar, and I can forgive him for taking more than 12 hours to mark my essay and exam (and in all likelihood, twelve or so other students' essays and exams). I fully expect that to be reasonably good too.
Take that, 2006-2007.


Blogger dp said...

Congrats...B in Latin. I know your struggles, I do, I remember every one of them. So I truly know that a B in Latin is as powerful as the A in Calculus. congrats... well done.

11:49 AM  
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