Thursday, January 04, 2007


1. Traveling is something I usually enjoy quite a bit. It's an excuse to buy food in strange and wonderful places, and I sometimes meet interesting people even just commuting between Greenwood and Fredericton. I don't mind the bus or ferry as much as most people seem to and I've gotten pretty good at navigating them. I hardly ever show up at the ferry to find no ferry there anymore.
Just when I'm feeling pretty good about my ability to travel like a civilized human being, though, things happen like this past trip. It's not that it was particularly unpleasant, but just generally being unwell makes even the smoothest journey uncomfortable, and the ferry was not at all a smooth journey. It started two hours late, on account of poor weather making it impossible to dock well enough to load, and then of course we were on the water in the poor weather which is not very fun. Still, there is no sea-sickness that Gravol cannot fix, or at least put you so out of it you can ignore it.
Our overnight stay at Sean's parents' house was short but pleasant. I was still pretty out of it from the trip, but I met his cousin Maggie, who is staying with them while doing something (a placement? co-op? work-study?) for her occupational therapy training.

2. After a short bus ride we were back in town yesterday, but I didn't do much at all. After a quick lunch out, I spent the afternoon napping and pulling myself together a bit. I went over to Nick's with Sean briefly in the evening but still wasn't feeling up to that level of energy and came home to read a book.

3. Today, I've finally started feeling somewhat human again and had a pretty good day, all told. Sean and I went uptown looking for a textbook for one of his classes and completely failed to find it, but because it was gorgeous out we walked home, stopping at the Indian grocery to buy curry and random treats. We went downtown and had a cup of tea at Trinitea's and spent a while knitting quietly by the fake fire and small, fake puppy (it lays in a basket, breathing as though asleep) before coming home to supper and getting things together for tomorrow.

4. While my classes don't start until Monday, unlike poor Sean who was technically back today, I do have things to do already. Tomorrow I have a meeting with John Welling about his website and what he wants me to do to it.
Also, the digging that was supposed to be finished by December 22 that I kept saying would probably be continuing into January? Yeah, it's still going on. Jason emailed me to ask if I wanted a day or two of work this weekend while they finished up and I said yes. So if there's still digging to be done as of tomorrow, I'll being going up tomorrow night to play in the frozen mud again.

5. Oh, and while Professor James has posted my Roman Republic mark (A-, I'm pretty pleased) I still haven't heard from Grant, and apparently no one else has either. Strange.


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