Sunday, December 24, 2006

christmas eve

1. Finally more or less ready for Christmas... not that, you know, I could have cut it much closer. I still have knitting to do, but there you go.

2. Today was a pretty quiet day; I finished reading It, by Stephen King, and went up to the mall to have a coffee with Michelle on her break at the jewelry store. She's done pretty well up there; she's made over $200 in commission to date, plus her hourly wages and other assorted bonus things.
Later I helped Mom get food ready for tomorrow. It got to the point a few years ago that we started having to keep a lot of holiday food outside, as the refrigerator just can't handle the holidays. It used to be a few things in the barbecue, but when we acquired a garage it turned into a big cold storage room for Christmastime - except for this year and last year, when it's just been too warm. Cramming all that food in the fridge is an interesting experience, but at least we're only really cooking for the five of us at the moment. The past few years we've had more to store, as we usually have guests at Christmas.

3. Time to get ready for midnight mass; Merry Christmas, everyone, and have a wonderful evening and day tomorrow.


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