Friday, December 22, 2006


1. A busy couple of days, mainly of traveling. Sean and I spent a frantic morning finishing cleaning the apartment and readying the cats for a lonely week and a half and then ran out to the bus, stopping on the way to bring Nick the key. Surprisingly, he was already awake and dealing with a large parcel of Christmas presents (he's not going home this year, making him an ideal kittysitter).
The bus was... well, it sure was the bus, alright. There were a few people who had been making the journey together all the way from Toronto and were loudly complaining about the seats, the footrests, the distance between the seats, and the general boring and bumpy nature of the Maritimes; one woman in particular was just plain loud. It was only an hour, though, and I slept for a while and got more knitting done. (Christmas knitting: about 1/4 done. Shoot me now.)
In Saint John, Sean's mom met us at the station and after a brief excursion to pick up the other car from the shop and drop it off at his dad's shoe workshop, we went to his house in St George. The afternoon was a restful sort of lounging time, knitting and chatting and playing with the cat (Oliver) and dog (Bailey). Though my camera is out of batteries I took pictures of them the last time I went:

2. After a delicious supper (curry with string beans and eggs and rice and steamed asparagus) we watched a few episodes of Battlestar Galactica from Season One; Sean's parents are still working their way through Season One and it's really strange to look back and see where the characters were then as opposed to where they are now (or actually a month ago, because we're weeks behind).

3. Today: a very early morning and a ferry ride. Well, early to me; I haven't seen 7 o'clock except for work purposes in a very long time. The ferry was a blur of waking up every twenty minutes and falling back asleep, stretched out across two of the oh-so-comfortable plywood armchairs.

4. Lunch was an amazing salad at Pasta Jax with Mom, in Middleton, and then we rushed out to a bank appointment to discuss what to do with my oodles and oodles of phat archaeology cash (answer: pay off your student debt, silly) and to see Michelle at her jewelry store. We also stopped in at the house and saw Dad and Grandpa and the insane pair of black dogs. At this point we're just sitting around waiting for supper; I'm checking up on my various things and trying to get used to seeing two Mollies instead of one. Despite the subtle differences (Sampson is taller, longer, and skinnier with a longer face) they're close enough that it makes me look twice.

5. Happy 24th Birthday to Nick; one year closer to dead, and, as I keep reminding him, he'll be celebrating his 25th in Korea, so he'd better live this one up as best he can (oh, and feed the cats).


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