Thursday, December 28, 2006

boxing week

1. Christmas was, as always, great fun. I don't have the energy at the moment to write out a long list of goodies, but I have knitting things and a sun lamp (not for tanning) and La Senza gift cards and much clothing (thank goodness, I was seriously starting to run out of clothes in a bad way) and a shiny, shiny black iPod. Mmmmm.

2. The Bartons came to visit, which was fun; we don't see the family much except for Corey, who has been here the past couple of Christmases as his family lives in far-off Ontario. This time Corey could only stop in for a couple of minutes on his way to work, but Mr. and Mrs. and Whitney and Mr. Whitney (Scott) stayed overnight. Kyle is apparently too cool for us and stayed in Halifax, but sent us a cake that didn't actually have eggshells in it, but we will pretend it did for Corey's sake. :)

3. I spent today with Julia at the bowling alley, keeping her company and catching up on things that go on that don't make the LiveJournal. Her military things are finally falling into place and she should be on her way to being an accounting clerk and then a public relations officer very soon; the red tape is all but conquered. We went to McD's for supper, which is always a poor choice for the stomach and karma but still fun as a treat, and watched small children skate down the lanes in bowling shoes.

4. When I got home Dad and I walked the dogs; tonight is Samson's last night here, as his real family will be home tomorrow. I'm sure he'll be glad to see them, but I can't help but wonder how he will react to the people food and canned dog food and being allowed to be on the couch being cut off. Oh, and the walks.

5. And then we played a few rounds of Crazy Eights, which I lost, solidly, every time. Usually by about fifty points. That's alright; the fun of the game isn't so much the winning or losing, but the sticking two's and jack's to the person to your left and watching their I'm-so-winning snicker fail. Wahaha. We also learned the basics of another game so we can play with Sean and Scott when they're here, as it works best with six.

6. Speaking of Sean, he's coming up tomorrow, which will be fun. I'm sure he'll get bored in my little town before we leave to go back, but we've been talking about having him come up here to visit for years now, so it's about time. At very least we can go to Frenchies, no?


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