Monday, January 01, 2007

quiet days in the valley-o

1. First and foremost, I bring you the Geostationary Banana Over Texas Project.

2. Happy New Year, all, and I hope your years are better than the previous. Sean and Scott and Michelle and I spent the evening switching around our ipods in the speaker dock and getting really, really drunk. Unfortunately that meant today was throwing up and sleeping most of the day, but we rang in the year in style, anyway.

3. What have the past few days been spent doing? Not a heck of a lot, really. I finished Mom's socks:

And we went a-Frenchying, and took a couple of walks. I taught Sean to knit and we played a lot of Crazy Eights and dice. Peaceful and quiet and I feel just about ready to get back into the thick of school and work.

4. I still don't have my marks from Grant and Professor James. It's not really anxiety-inducing but I would like to know. Maybe I should email them...

5. Tomorrow is traveling again. Sean and I will be going to the ferry in the afternoon and likely picking up a car on the other side, then heading to his parents' house for the evening. The next day, back to Fredericton and our lonely kitties, who have been lovingly cared for by Nick for the past week and a half.

6. Still tired from festivities; naptime, I think.


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