Tuesday, August 19, 2008

trading spaces

The truth is, I love new apartments. I love looking at places with potential to be awesome - slanty high ceilings and restored hardwood floors, big windows, excitingly chunky floorplans, and the other architectural weirdnesses of Fredericton houses. I now know the questions to ask landlords above and beyond "so this is the bathroom, right?". I also know how to couch those questions (always "I'm thinking of getting a cat, is that okay?" and never "I have two cats, is that a problem?"). I love looking past other people's crappy taste in decor and imagining the cool stuff we can do with the space and the light.
I do hate moving, but you know, one day of pain, it's not such a big deal.

The solution, I think, is going to be moving in with Angus. We started looking at three bedroom apartments this morning on kijiji and other places, and the general price is around $1000/month with heat, as compared to $650 for most one bedrooms. Also, with three bedrooms, you get weird little extras like laundry and porches and dishwashers, and generally better units.

We did check out a place this afternoon that was very cheap, but with stringent no-cat rules and smallish rooms, and also lovely views of a rusting metal roof six inches from half the windows. It did, however, have glorious hardwood floors and the entryway had stained glass windows (another frequent perk in certain areas of Fredericton). We're going to another in roughly half an hour that we have high hopes for it. We've known people who have gone to parties there (it was an infamous party apartment) and it's apparently gorgeous, newly renovated (probably because of the parties), cool with cats, and you get one floor of a pentagonal tower as a room (it's quasi-Victorian), ceramic and laminate...

I love new apartments.


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