Saturday, August 16, 2008

giggling pigs

Guinea pig giggles are the best, especially when you have happy pigs like Michelle and Scott's two, who will giggle at each other with no prompting at all. Just having someone walk past the cage is enough to set them off.

So we're all here for the weekend, somewhat unexpectedly. I was going to come up next week to visit before Mom goes back to work, but it turns out I have a date with Radian6 next week to discuss things with their VP Marketing (!!) so I bussed and boated over yesterday afternoon. Michelle and Scott were supposed to have company this weekend - Scott's parents - but after they cancelled last-minute, the kids threw the pigs and Guitar Hero in the car and zoomed up here. It's been pretty quiet so far - a yard sale, a batch of fondant to ice a cake - and I think we will probably end up watching movies and dying my hair blue this evening. It needs it badly - Sean kindly bleached out the coloured bits the other night, but we ran out of time for the blue, so right now I'm looking a little bit Bride of Frankenstein.

There's not much to say today - I'm trying to post more about interesting things and less with the blow-by-blows of my days, which are often a bit dull, and honestly the most interesting bits of the past couple days are going to be blogged on Michelle's cakeblog and Mom's blog.

Links du jour:
Edit: So we dyed my hair.

It is baby blue. Actually, more like ice blue. With hints of lavender. This is supposed to be screaming royal blue. I am confused.


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