Saturday, April 19, 2008

back again

1. It feels like an eternity since I last posted, certainly the longest two weeks of the year, and I could give a blow-by-blow of everything that's gone on, but it would take simply forever. So instead, let's see where I am.
I'm finished my greek exam (it was okay), and finished my lab job. There's been a pub crawl, and lots of hysterics about academics from both Sean and myself. The apartment keeps getting messy and we keep trying to clean it, people come over but all anyone talks about is End Of Semester. It's like a war, or a natural disaster.
I have two exams left: Mythology on Monday and Latin on Tuesday (and am invigilating on Wednesday, but that's hardly an event). I have a paper to finish this weekend for Latin. My time at the Crafts Council is slowly winding down; I should be finished as of the end of April. I haven't heard anything about jobs yet, something that is starting to stress me out more than everything else put together. Sean is done as of yesterday, and working his full hours at the university library ETC lab, converting electronic texts, from now on. The snow is all but melted. The river is rising, but not on the roads yet. The cats are thriving.

2. So today I'm having coffee with Megan, and studying for Myth with Ellis, and in between (and after? and before?) working on that paper. I've compiled a huge list of links and so on over the past two weeks, so I'll post later today (or maybe tomorrow) about that. Mainly I'm tired, and I'd really like to get home. Work at the NBCC has been so quiet these past few weeks.
I will leave you for now with pub crawl pictures: Will and Sean, and then Will and myself (there are more on Facebook). I was running on three hours of sleep that day, having had a Greek exam first thing in the morning and work all afternoon, so this is the least sleepy picture of me there is. I call it "Surprised with Satay".


Blogger GailM. said...

Ahh, I can't imagine how relieved you'll be to finish all your studies... But then the stress of working or not working will take over the other stress. Buy that Sean really knows how to give a Great Big Hug!!! He's such a cutie pie.

1:51 PM  
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Blogger dp said...

It was nice to pop into your blog today and see an entry. I know you have hit the bottom of procrastination items when you blog during exam time. Hee hee. But we benefit from it, anyway. love the pics. Don't stress about a job. Man, give yourself a little break. Sean is working... enjoy at least a week or two and then worry about work!

8:43 AM  

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