Thursday, April 24, 2008

dam hair

Here we are on the other side. The past couple days have been dreamlike, in a way - I've had a few things to do, but mainly I'm filling time. It hasn't really sunk in yet that I'm in the land of perpetual Saturdays.
Yesterday I invigilated an exam in the morning, and it was a pretty tame affair. It was for Anth 1001, which is usually about 200 students, and we had to check IDs to make sure people weren't being paid to go in and write exams for other people. Or something; I'm not sure why else we would need to prove that someone is a student. In any case, it's only so useful when people don't have any warning that they will need their ID. They left it at home, they left it in the car, they left it in their bag by the wall - one poor guy had just had his wallet stolen. Of the hundred or so I checked, only one gave me grief - "You seriously need my ID? Why? Don't you believe I am who I say I am?" - and I am glad to say he got glared down by his fellow students for making too much noise. I just wish I could tell them all it's going to be okay, there's no need to tremble in your seat over a multiple choice intro Anthropology exam, but people will fret.
In the afternoon I went and got my hair did. After the longest foils ever in the history of the world, I now have nice blue-green inlays.

Please forgive the awful picture, the batteries were running out and I was home alone, so a quick mirror snap is the best I could do. You get the point, long reddish hair.
This was today, on the way back from visiting the Macdam with Gail, Mert, and the triplets. You can only see a little, but it's mainly visible on the sides. Very nice. I'm enjoying it.


Blogger dp said...

the tiny bit of color I can see looks pretty cool. You are one cool ditch digger!!!

3:16 PM  

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