Friday, March 28, 2008

feast or famine

Tuesday, I was panicking in the face of bunches of work, and yet here on Friday, I'm still facing a lot of the same work - but it's Friday, so who cares? Latin was canceled for today, so I didn't have to present, and most of the rest of it has worked itself out.
Even some of my summer worries have worked themselves out - today Sean found out that he's hired full time for the summer in the library at the same sort of rates as his work-study, which translates to enough money - well, more money than he's ever made, and even if I don't get a digging job this summer and work at the NBCC full time at minimum wage again, we're still going to be very comfortable. A huge weight off.
Tonight Michelle and Scott are arriving - in fact, very soon - but I'm going to be at the Goblet Grab for a while, so I have to paint my nails and put on my pretty dress. I haven't got much else to say for now, but I thought I'd share my good day :)


Blogger dp said...

Congrats Sean, and I am so glad its a good day!!!
Enjoy the goblet grab and enjoy your company!

5:11 PM  
Blogger GailM. said...

Oh, nice way to end a week.. so full of good news and then to have good company for the weekend.

6:29 PM  

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