Wednesday, March 26, 2008


1. 200th post! 10 days of school left!

2. It's getting to that time of year when all the classes are half full and half of the public access computer kiosks are broken, the time of year everyone wears sweatpants and hoodies to class. I'm feeling it pretty badly - no matter how much I want to get my pile of work out of the way, when I confront my to-do list, I come over all shaky and need to look at food blogs for a while and hold a cat. Luckily I have lots of opportunities to hold cats - they are being very sulky and needy from being left alone all weekend. Kitty perched on the arm of the chair this morning and kept me company while I prepared for Greek, Tonks tried to avoid her and get on the other arm, and Parallax sat on my feet while Kitty growled.

3. Links:
4. So, this week.
Today I'm working like mad to catch up on Latin things, as I have a presentation on Friday afternoon. Tonight, unless my Latin goes really poorly, I'm going to Will's for D&D.
Tomorrow is NBCC, then Latin America, and I will probably be writing my midterm then, as I missed it yesterday due to bad timing on the part of the buses (not a big deal).
Tomorrow night I'll be polishing the Latin presentation and looking over my Greek chapter again, as I get to teach it Friday morning, and studying the myth(s) of Oedipus for a myth quiz, also Friday morning. And Danielle is coming to visit.
Friday: teaching Greek, writing a Myth quiz, presenting in Latin, and then Michelle and Scott arrive for the weekend.
I hate this time of year. Did I mention the snow? It's snowing. It's going to snow again Friday. I hate snow, too.
I'm going to go hug a cat.


Blogger dp said...

wow, you are busy. its the best time to procrastinate.... ugh, I know.!
Good luck with the week of things. I love all the food blogs. I need some ideas.. things are getting boring around here!

8:29 PM  

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