Saturday, February 23, 2008

mushaboom, mushaboom

1. On Tuesday or Wednesday, Saturdays often feel like they'll never arrive, but I always look up come Saturday morning and marvel that I've gotten through another week. Every week brings me closer to spring, graduation, a job... and should see me get thinner, though I've been having portion control issues thanks to Sean being A. too good at cooking and B. unable to estimate the right amount of pasta all of a sudden. Oh well. I'm being more strict with myself now, starting yesterday, just as I'm trying to get back into the blogging that I said I would do. It'll get easier with time, I suppose.
My bracelet has helped somewhat. As some of you know I made a few bracelets with movable markers and appropriate numbers of beads to count points, but I've found that I need to make a flex point one too, because I am very, very bad at staying at 22 points exactly. And yesterday at D&D I was fidgeting with it, and broke it, so I need to put it back together. Mostly it's good for realizing that being twelve points into my allotment is more than half, which ought to be easier than it is.

2. I've been dosing myself with music to keep my spirits up over the week. At work (in the lab, obviously) I've been listening to full albums - Gorillaz (I've been listening to Demon Days for a long time but am now getting into their discography), Feist, the Arctic Monkeys, Goldfrapp (Felt Mountain is a great trancey album, Supernature is very dancey), all reasonably upbeat - but for walking or bussing I have playlists heavy with the Beatles (generally the early Beatles, it tends to be more energetic). I will get through this month!
I have a serious aversion to talking about music I like, mostly due to years of knowing people who will get into fistfights about their favourite bands (I have seen bloody noses result from a joking slight against a band), but I do make a new playlist about once a month. I lost my old playlists at Christmas when I reformatted the computer, but my February playlist runs:
  • Hey Jude, by the Beatles, of course.
  • Mushaboom, from Feist. It's so cute.
  • Astounded, by Bran Van 3000 - an old one, relatively speaking, but upbeat and full of love.
  • Mexico, by Hawksley Workman. The perfect song for a Canadian who hates winters.
  • Somebody to Love, by Jefferson Airplane. There's sort of a love theme to this one, I guess.
  • Strangelove Addiction, from the Supreme Beings of Leisure, who have a new album coming out soon that I'm dying to hear.
  • She Loves You, also by the Beatles, of course.
  • Extraordinary Machine, by Fiona Apple.
  • Brand New Colony, from the Postal Service. Another touching emo love song.
  • It's Cool to Love Your Family, from Feist. Kind of weird in the lyrics (why sing about the Copenhagen city morgue, randomly?) but cute too.
  • Aquamarine Tears, from Slowcoaster. I really need to remind Megan to lend me their albums.
3. Today Sean and I are going to his parents' house finally, which will be fun - I can hug Lucy and knit and have some lovely food. Next week is the last week before our break, thank goodness, and it will be a short week, by my decree. Sean and I are having a planned service outage on Friday, as Leap Days aren't real days and no one actually expects students to show up for the last day before the break anyway. We'll be sticking around for the break and have no real plans as yet, having just canceled our original plans, but I suspect it will involved a lot of working and maybe we will paint somewhere in the house.


Blogger dp said...

I totally love my bracelet... and I would like to order some for my friends who are Weight Watching!!! Can you please affix a price to the bracelet while I obtain the number of points I need you to make each bracelet. What is someone is actually decreasing their point value from losing weight...says she hopefully... but then again, I don't want to give up any of my points... which might be why I am not losing weight!@! no, I am... just not enough to affect my points...

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