Thursday, February 14, 2008

snow daze

1. Well, as you can tell from my twitter feed, my snow day eventually arrived. I went to Greek, where, oddly, everyone showed for the first time in weeks, and then headed up to the computer lab to work on my Latin during my (cancelled) Myth class. Just as I was finishing up, the lab guy came out of his office and told us to get out of the lab because the school was closing at noon. Cheers! Screams of delight! Vehement closing of programs and logging out!
There's a standing Wednesday noon arrangement for some Anth people - mainly Will and Marie and a few others - to meet up for lunch and possibly a pre-seminar beer, in some cases, at the Cellar, the pub in the basement of the SUB. I find it hard to attend because I'm usually polishing Latin for my class at 1:30, but I headed over as soon as school was canceled to find Sean and Megan playing pool and waiting for Will to show.
An aside: I realize probably there is no meaning to these names, so here are the characters mentioned above, for future reference:



All photos courtesy of Facebook.

Anyway, they were overjoyed to hear that school was canceled (for Megan too, at STU) and we played a game of pool in celebration, then caught the last bus home. Because the buses were also canceled, with good reason, as it turns out... our bus slid down the hill into a snowbank and got stuck.
Our free afternoon was squandered on the second season of Dexter, which Megan hadn't seen, and after feeding her, we threw her out into the snowstorm to go do her homework and went to bed. The whole city was shut down - stores, buses, everything - after about 4, and it was still weathering outside...

2. Today, Sean had an early class at 8:30, which generally for him means a 7:00 alarm. I don't even wake up when it goes off anymore, so my day started with being shaken away and told that school was canceled again until noon, encompassing all of Sean's classes and my only class of the day. We celebrated with French toast and the third season finale of Enterprise, and then I went off to my new job after confirming that Dr. Black was actually in (the NBCC doesn't seem to have have opened today, though).
Snow days are awesome, even if they're only snow half-days.

3. My new job is kind of similar to my old job. I have a work station in the lab in the basement of the Anth barn, with a shiny flat screen Dell and a phone and everything, and I'll have a lab key so I can work whenever I want. I'm basically organizing, cataloging, and making PDF copies of a collection of documents and random things that came with a massive donation of artifacts a couple of years ago, and Mom will be amused to know that I have a reputation as an organizer - the intention is that this will be the most organized project in the lab, because the other ones have spiraled into chaotic webs of files and drawers. I'm pretty excited about it, which may seem weird to those who aren't really into playing with old things and making order from chaos. I've already made a shiny new Filemaker database and have a working plan to get everything under control.

4. Tomorrow is Friday! I love fast weeks, don't you? We're having a quiet night, Valentines Day or not, because Sean has a long day of working tomorrow and I have a Latin sight reading test. He's cooking something mysterious for supper and I suspect we'll be breaking into the final season of Enterprise this evening.


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