Saturday, February 02, 2008


1. An exceptionally busy day yesterday. I had mountains of homework for my languages, so my day actually started with two hours of Greek homework before I even got to Greek class. After class, I hiked down to work to put in an hour between classes; I had skipped my regularly scheduled hour for an interview earlier in the week. Work isn't that strenuous, but by God, the hike back up the hill while trying not to be late for class - that is strenuous.
And when the Greeking and Latinning were done for the day, I ran a few errands - picking up my loan advance, paying rent, etcetera - and arrived home feeling pretty exhausted.
Of course, the day wasn't very - because just as Wednesday is Spaghetti Day, Friday is D&D day. So we had a quick carbonera and zipped away to Will's house.
(By the way, that's a real carbonera, because one of the blessings of being too busy to eat all day is enough points to handle prosciutto and Parmesan and egg on pasta. A real carbonera is essentially pasta with raw egg mixed in, with the very salty cured pork - pretentious bacon, if you will - and cheese added in to make the egg creamier as the heat from the pasta partially cooks the egg and melts the cheese. Sure, it's vaguely possible to get salmonella, but it does cook a little, and almost no eggs these days have salmonella on the insides - though eggshells are disease factories!)

2. D&D was shaken up a little because we had a new player, a friend of Marie's named Larissa who played a gnome rogue. For those keeping score, there are also three halflings, a rogue, a marshal-bard and a druid. So four small (as opposed to human-sized mediums) support units with nary a fighter or wizard among us.
More than capable of locating and bargaining with a gopher, though, and bringing him to justice (in this case, dryads) for collecting hundreds of birds and keeping them in his hole. Not really sure why he did, and it's hardly the point - I let the birds go, and we carried on adventuring. Through an odd sequence of random chance we ended up, at the end of the session, being almost slaughtered by a band of harpoon spiders - giant spiders that throw harpoon-like spines at you and haul you into the air. It was pretty vicious and both Sean and I nearly died, but eventually we won out. I think we'll be leaving that dungeon and going back on our actual quest, though - I'm pretty sure it's not intended for us at this level, and Will, unlike James, won't stop us if we wander into an area that we should be able to see is too advanced for us.

3. As we walked home last night it was sort of slushing out - some sort of rather unpleasant freezing rain - and it seems to have carried on all night, so now the city is covered in gritty slush. If it were a week day, I imagine public schools would be closed for the day; I doubt the dance classes here are going to carry on much more today if it keeps up. I have had exactly zero people in to the gallery so far, and when I went to get coffee at Erin's cafe, her friend, who was working, said I was her fifth customer since 8. Also, there's no food today, which is a pain because I ran out the door at the last minute and forgot to grab anything to eat. Perhaps if the weather lets up I'll ask Sean to bring me a bagel.
I'm kind of disappointed with the way today is going so far - I've been working towards making a member database for a while now, and only today have I actually gotten the full story from Aliant - we can't have PHP or MySQL access until we upgrade two levels to the $40/month level of webhosting. I can't see any way to make it work without it, so I'm left with some very unsavoury options - switch over to a new host, pay $40/month, or individually create the member pages.


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