Monday, February 04, 2008

couch potatoes

1. It's been a while since I've had such a completely wasteful sort of weekend. Sean and I have both been doing the school-work-social life thing pretty hardcore for the past while, so this weekend, since I got home for work yesterday, we have just... vegged. I can hear Mom gagging from here, but there's something to be said for just quietly watching Star Trek and cooking and knitting and not seeing people for a couple of days. It's fun, though - when you get in an academic mindset, everything starts turning into papers, and so today has been a day of downloaded television (hey, at least there are no commercials) interspersed with rambling conversations about the changing trends in science fiction narrative in the past decade. And also some conversation about how much new House is like first season House, when people did tests and they spent more time breaking into houses than bellyaching about story arcs (seriously, did anyone enjoy watching House being slowly run into the ground by the sadistic narcotics cop last season?).

2. In other news, my first of the pair of hybrid socks is almost done - just knitting the bit that folds down at the top. I also have a couple little projects on the go that I'm not writing about at the moment, but I'll fill you in at a later date. I'm finding a lot of inspiration online these days, and just generally feeling more creative... the busier I get, the more creative I seem to be, which is just frustrating because then I can't get anything done!

3. This week is going to be a sort of crucial week in finding out how we're doing for the rest of the semester. Sean should hear about his bursary this week unless it's delayed for some reason, and I'll hopefully hear tomorrow from Sue about whether I can have my job back or not. Here's hoping for big lovely yes's on all fronts. Once again, I'm all hopeful and excited about getting to work with Sue and get into some of the projects she has on the go... I hope I can.

4. Links and other newsy things:
  • School resumes Tuesday at STU! Much joy from everyone concerned.
  • This charity is pretty spectacular. Microcredit loans are, of course, so hot right now, and this allows you to furnish the money for a microcredit loan to an entrepreneur - someone with a face, and you know what it's going towards, and you even get your money back when the loan is repaid (the repayment rate is over 95%, which is actually a pretty standard rate for microcredit).
  • I don't need a coffeemaker anymore (thanks Mom!) but if I did, I'd be tempted to hunt down a siphon brewer, if only for aesthetics and science geek appeal. Apparently they make lovely coffee too.


Blogger dp said...

I love the charity idea. Very cool. I am going to read more about it.
Everyone needs a weekend off. Even me!!

4:31 PM  

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