Monday, February 11, 2008

cue the angel light

1. I really wish that snow days were more common around universities - it would give me a reason to be excited about snow forecasts, instead of knowing that unless I'm very, very lucky, snow just means a somewhat more miserable time waiting for buses and trekking about town. Today was more about vast amounts of icing-sugar snow blowing around in drifts than actual snowfall, but I really could have done with sleeping in and having a quiet indoor day.

2. School is pretty unremarkable - Greek composition, Latin reading, listening to Geyssen's highly entertaining Myth lectures. I sat with Ellis, a comrade from Belize, in Myth again and she told me about her weekend. She's a waitress at the Delta Hotel here, and ended up working over 40 hours this weekend for the ECMAs. I don't know where she gets the energy, but even she was looking pretty exhausted.

3. The good news of the day? Sean heard today that he got the $1000 bursary that we had been hoping for, which means his tuition is paid and all we have to worry about at this point is my loan coming in (hopefully this week); with my two jobs, and his work-study, we'll be just fine. There is much rejoicing today, and even the cats seem a little more purry. Thank you, Financial Aid angels... wherever you are.

4. I spent the afternoon and most of the evening working away on a few little projects I've been thinking about lately, which I will share with you soonish - it's late, so pictures will have to wait. It's a good feeling, though, spending a while in arts-and-crafts mode - makes me remember that I'm good at things other than making socks and applying myself to hours of dead languages.
Sean's dad stopped in briefly, being in town for Tai Chi, and Sean made him a pizza. Sean's repertoire of recipes sort of gets ranked by who approves of it; if he likes it, he'll throw it together when he's booting about the house, and if I like it too, he'll make it occasionally to mix up the menu a bit, but if his dad likes it, it's a staple and he'll make it for people other than our household. I'm happy to say that the pizza made the cut.


Blogger dp said...

I am so pleased for Sean. What a relief for both of you. And I want to hear more about this pizza... like what's on it... and I can't wait to hear about the new job.. yours I mean....

2:02 PM  

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