Thursday, February 07, 2008

happy new year

1. Ah, February. It's been a long week. It's been relatively quiet around here, especially because Sean had a midterm this morning for a course he joined on the last day to pick up new courses and had a ton of reading and studying to do. Aside from a brief visit with Megan, and going over to Stu's new apartment for a little while to see his new place with his friend Amy (the pirate potter), it's been Star Trek and knitting around here. I pinned down Parallax and brushed out the dreads in her fur - I think maybe her hip is bothering her, because she's getting all knotted on her back even though she's shorthaired - and she tore up my hands pretty good. I told her if I were any kind of real knitter, I'd be saving the fur, spinning it into yarn, and knitting her a sweater so she doesn't have to sleep on our power adapters all the time, but she wasn't having any of it.

2. Today, however, has been an avalanche of good. My cousin Patience gave birth to a beautiful little girl named Aurora early this morning - on Chinese New Year, no less, making her a little baby Rat just like her cousin Stephanie.
Michelle's house won their annual hockey blood feud for the first time in a while, so there was rejoicing there, too.
I got word today from Sue that she isn't going to hire me for the work study, but has found the money to hire me anyway to work with a collection of artifacts at the department. I'm so relieved (on the money front) and excited to be working with artifacts again! Hopefully I'll be meeting with her tomorrow or Monday to talk about the position.
And my Greek class tomorrow morning is cancelled!

3. It being Chinese New Year, and having lots to celebrate (Sean got an A on the midterm this morning, too), we decided to make a two person Chinese feast. Sean learned how to make eggdrop soup, and perfected his ginger-garlic-preserved black bean sauce for beef and broccoli, and with some sweet and sour chicken and rice we had beautiful supper. Of course, my points are sort of in a rough state, but I'm back on the wagon in a big way tomorrow.

4. Links:
  • my buses will be partially bio-fueled starting soon!
  • I've been seeing chalkboard paint around for a while now, but dry erase walls are even better. I think Sean wants to paint the whole house in it.


Anonymous Jill said...

I don't know how you do it...the sites you find are AWESOME! Love the white board paint. Too bad is nearly $100 a gallon...

8:07 AM  

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