Thursday, September 27, 2007

cyberdrama and another job

1. Two posts in two days! OMGWTFBBQPONIES!!

2. So, my day was made slightly weirder today by a blog I like to read by a guy named Shannon Larratt. He's an odd guy, but his blog is often a good read and bounces between sustainable living, custom cars, insane cooking, body modification, and co-painting with his daughter Nefarious. She's a preschooler and positively oozes cute:Anyway, he's either completely lost his mind or his best friend and his exwife (with whom he is still fairly close) have decided to steal his entire online identity and his body modification site (the largest in the world, with a simply huge worldwide community). I've been reading his blogs for years and so for some reason feel like I know him, but this episode makes me wonder if he might be very different than I think he is. Either way he deserves some sympathy, I think.
Note: probably most people would find his blogs, especially the ones dealing with body modification, extremely weird and probably gross. I don't recommend them to most people, but I find them anthropologically fascinating. His day-to-day blog is pretty much like most blogs, though - lots of musing about news stories and cooking and what he did on the weekend.

3. I often mention Matt and Porter staying at our house, and in fact they are here a lot, mainly because St George is pretty boring and they don't like it there very much. So Porter has been looking for a job up here, and now he has found one! We're finding him an apartment of his own, and then he will no longer sleep on our floor, but lead a happier existence in Fredericton. The cats will miss them, but I'm sure they will come to visit.He took a picture of our microwave.

4. The gallery opening was this evening, which made for a hectic day at work. I won't really get into the most entertaining bits of it, as it would be unprofessional, but in the end we put together a very good show and I will try to put up pictures very soon.

5. Winston is a smooshfaced cat:

6. Links:
And as with most real world protests, this one attracted off-message sign-wavers. For instance, I asked this humanoid stack of square discs what Korea had to with the strike.
"Is that what it says?" the stack of discs replied, surprised. Someone had handed it to them, they told me, but couldn't tell what the sign read. And the discs excused themselves, and went off to locate a more fitting message.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love that little cape Stef. Gail M.

9:01 AM  
Blogger dp said...

Tag your it!!!!! you've been TAGGED

I hope you do this!

9:02 AM  
Blogger dp said...

ok.... waiting.... seen the little girl like every day for like weeks!@!!!!

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