Saturday, May 19, 2007

day twelve: traveling is lame, spiderman 3, street band

I got up early to pack, still not feeling very well - nothing that couldn´t be fixed by Gravol, though.
The day was a blur of bus. There were very few points of interest; we watched Spiderman 3 (yes, it only came out last weekend, but the street vendors are already selling pirated cams of it, so there you have it) and at one point stopped at a rest stop on the highway that had a Domino´s, of all things. Everyone bought pizzas, and Will gave me a piece, which surprisingly gave my stomach no trouble at all. Yay for Gravol.
We arrived in Villahermosa just as it started to get dark, and were advised to be careful wandering around. Anne, Heather, Steve, Fraser and I went looking for somewhere local to eat and tripped over a Macdonalds, a KFC, a Burger King, and another Domino´s, as well as a xylophone-and-drum-kit street band, before finding a nice little greasy spoon that was still open. The waitress had a good laugh at our horrible Spanglish and we all had different kinds of sandwiches, except Anne, who had been told to try the huevos motulenos in the area by the politicos we dined with the first night in Merida. She did, and they were really good - fried eggs between tortillas with a tomato based sauce.
We stopped at the OXXO nearby for bus snacks for the next day before heading back to the hotel for a night of quiet sleep, which I hadn´t had in about a week and a half (we had the loudest room at the Flamingo).


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