Friday, May 18, 2007

merida, again

Hi folks.
After approximately a million hours on the bus, I´ve visited three other states and gone up and down over 2500 m above sea level. My stomach doesn´t really appreciate it much, so I´m going to try to sleep it off as much as possible tonight, and transcribe lots of blog tomorrow if possible (a week behind! yuck).
The next week and a bit looks thusly:
  • Today: sleeeeeep.
  • Saturday: adventures, blogging.
  • Sunday: studying, putting together a presentation, very little in the way of adventures because it´s both municipal and state elections and no one will be open.
  • Monday: tests for culture class and Spanish class, plus a presentation. Woo hoo. Also a possible goodbye-Merida visit to the Mambo Café.
  • Tuesday: travel to Playa del Carmen, though there´s a possibility that some of us will travel to Cobá overnight to see the site there instead, and travel to Playa the next day.
  • Wednesday: definitely in the region of Playa del Carmen, probably going to Tulum, a smallish Maya site on a cliff (featured in an Imax movie some time ago).
  • Thursday: last day at Playa, probably to be spent on the beach evening out my stupid tan, which is pretty weird at the moment.
  • Friday: fly to Halifax to see my family.
  • Saturday: hanging out with my supercool family.
  • Sunday: head to St John to meet Sean at his parents´house.
  • Monday: back to good old Freddy to get my affairs in order before starting work on the first of June.

As you can see, busy busy busy. I´m cooking (the cooler rainy season hasn´t arrived yet), so I think I´ll go snooze in my new room at the Flamingo. Meanwhile, let´s all have a good laugh at Fredericton, where there is apparently snow.


Blogger dp said...

Saucy BRAT... its 3 degrees here in Greenwood too... I will bring you some warm clothes when we pick you up at the airport!!!
glad your safe and sound back in Merida. Can't wait to hear about your adventures. Sleep tight

9:06 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes, we did have a bit of snow on Thursday, not much, but enough to cover the windshield of our van. GM

9:05 AM  

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