Monday, April 02, 2007

my state of mind

me: good evening
Angus: And you, how goes?
12:29 AM me: screaming hyperventilating panic attacky goodness
I hate groupwork
Angus: Not too bad at the moment. I also hate groupwork but I've found a good partner so we just do all of our groupwork together.
12:30 AM me: lucky
someone in my project did my work herself and now I have to rewrite my section using her numbers
which isn't a bad thing, because my math was wrong
12:31 AM but I'm pretty frustrated with it
12:32 AM Angus: Ugh, terrible.
12:33 AM me: the problem with my math was actually fairly entertaining
by bending the laws slightly I made it possible to complete the survey in the allotted time and at only five times the original budget
12:34 AM except I dropped out a zero in calculating the number of test pits involved
12:35 AM so really, by doing 10m intervals instead of 5m, quintupling the budget, and fudging the definition of a high potential area, I made it possible to survey one tenth of the area we need to cover.
the project is quite literally impossible
12:36 AM Angus: That's horrifying.
12:37 AM me: it's kind of staggering to think about the strictly legal way of carrying out the survey. By the letter of the law, all 65.2 km2 of the area is considered high potential, and must be sampled at 5 m intervals, making for a total of 2.6 million test pits
12:38 AM each test pit is 1x1m with a .5x.5m in the middle, which takes two people a day to dig and screen
5.2 million days of manpower
12:39 AM if we could enlist all of Canada, we could have it done in a morning
12:41 AM Angus: Planning surveys must be a royal pain.
12:42 AM me: yes.
we've already crawled through every archive, private collection, corporate memo and archaeological survey on the area
and all the maps, from the past few centuries
12:43 AM nickel and dimed the budget

But don't take my word for it alone! Here's a baby Malaysian tapir, born two days ago in Scotland, who also says that this project is just plain impossible:

Come on. You'd trust a baby tapir, wouldn't you?


Blogger dp said...

Math was never your really strong subject, eventhough you got an A in calculus...
Actually, math is my very strong subject and I wouldn't got the right equation because I don't understand the question

8:13 AM  
Blogger S said...

That's because it's a kind of a dumb question, if you start from the premise (which I did) that a term project wouldn't be based on an impossible framework. I'm interested to see how this goes over today, but honestly I'm past caring. I've done all I can do.

10:11 AM  

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