Tuesday, March 20, 2007

money :)

1. So, to get it out of the way, the big happy news of the day: I finally heard from the International Relations Office about my Summer Abroad Bursary: I get $1000! This makes it marginally possible for me to get this whole Mexico thing together. *knock on wood*

Let's hope Student Loans are done being ridiculous at me.

2. I apparently have a letter waiting for me at the Anth office, and people seem to have gotten notice of acceptance into the Honours program for Anth today, so that will be interesting to check tomorrow.

3. Today was mainly spent at the NBCC, filling out grant forms, fixing Shasta's computer, and putting up pictures of the donated goblets. In case you want to see - and they're quite pretty - they're here. Just click on the link in the italics bit to see them.

4. This evening... several metric tonnes of Latin, and also the Ninja is coming to visit to borrow Sean's scanner, and the season finale (part one) of Galactica and maybe an episode of Rome. A good night.

5. Tomorrow: studying, Anth meeting, Latin test, Honours seminar, Latin homework, Anth homework.


Blogger dp said...

Congrats on the $1000 for Mexico...
when will you hear about NBCC grants... I am assuming this is for a job this summer...

6:05 AM  
Blogger Scott said...

Yay for bursaries!

12:06 PM  

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