Wednesday, March 21, 2007

a good news, bad mood sort of day

1. Things are just generally going well today. I wish I were in a better mood, but I imagine that will improve shortly. It could hardly help it; good news in many directions.
  • The Financial Aid Angel sent me an email that was very encouraging about my prospects for getting the loan, so I'm cautiously optimistic again.
  • Will's coming to Mexico!! He just let me know that he's sent in his deposit. I was despairing, because I hadn't heard from him.
  • My Latin test went well. Of course, I thought the last one went well and it was a B-, but this one felt pretty solid - more solid than the last. My translation has gotten so much better this semester.
  • Michelle and Scott are coming tomorrow! I'll be in Miramichi for work until probably suppertime, but Sean's meeting them at the bus and making the buttery white wine shrimp for them for supper (which I sincerely hope I'm home in time for - we are leaving at 7 am after all!).
  • I've been officially accepted into the Honours program in Anthropology, finally. Now just to get the Dean of Arts office all straightened away with what I'm doing. Geyssen told me they've email him to confirm that they got his email, but they didn't tell him anything about what they're doing and didn't send a word to me, so who knows.
All in all, a good news sort of day.

2. Christiane told us some great stories about her fieldwork in Peru today - the basics where and when, and some of the people in the villages, and some sad stories about the hard life there (one community is at roughly 4300 m above sea level, well above the treeline), and also fun stories about bluffing her way out of getting arrested more than a couple of times, mainly by bullying the soldiers, who are accustomed to bullying the peasants without any trouble. Ethnography can be quite an adventure, because one has to intrude so much into a culture, instead of staying on the outside like a tourist.

3. Some random and very cool, completely natural snow phenomena for you:
4. Tomorrow: Miramichi with Sue, and then Michelle and Scott are here!


Blogger dp said...

hey, thanks for your help with my blog... video stuff. And I have my fingers crossed that the financial stuff is going your way.
So.... enjoy tomorrow in Miramichi. I can't wait to hear about it all.

9:17 PM  

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