Friday, January 12, 2007

"sunday afternoon knights"

1. First week back is finally. OVER. I'm so tired. I know it'll get easier, but wow.

2. Yesterday was a blur of class and work; I only really had a couple of hours off in the afternoon, in which time I was supposed to be working in the lab. The lab's keyboard has mysteriously vanished, which almost makes a sort of symmetrical sense since I now mysteriously have a key to it. Anyway, this means that I did the report for Sue entirely at home, so while I'm technically still on the clock, I can spend four hours juggling tables of figures in the middle of the night when nothing is going on, instead of in the afternoon when I could be doing grocery shopping. It works alright.
I also got some work done on John's site; I think the old version is pretty clunky, so I've started on a similar but more streamlined version here. He hasn't given me feedback, but I expect he'll be okay with it. I'm not thrilled with it - I'd rather do something a little more freeform - but he's pretty definite about the old layout so I'd like to stay within the lines as much as possible. And it's an improvement. It'll be even better when I finished polishing up a Javascript gallery for his images, which will be a pain in the behind to put together but will look very, very nice when finished.

3. This is the best radiator ever. Not a very hotly contested field, maybe, but it's still awesome.

4. These are the best pizza cutting devices ever. It seems to be a random assignment from an industrial design school. (Props to Angus for pointing them out.)

5. I have made an monumental decision: this is going to be my first full-scale sweater. It's called Rogue and has a pretty large following of fans in the online knitting community... I'm thinking a deep purple.


Blogger Donna Peters said...

I absolutely love the it. I think the radiator is weird... i don't understand what it is...ugh.
the website of Johns' looks the same to me at first glance. I will pop back to it in a bit. Did I say I love the sweater.

7:42 PM  
Blogger S said...

Really, the website is meant to look more or less the same. He's pretty fond of the current look. Mostly what I did was break up the content of the main page to a basic entry page and a news page, because people tend not to scroll down, especially when the content is a bit confusing to sort out.
Most of what I've done is impose some order on the site, giving it a navbar and smaller pages... I don't want to be too extreme or I'll have to do it over again when he doesn't like it :(

8:18 PM  
Blogger Donna Peters said...

I see the differences now that I have taken the time to look. I love the look of his shop too.. I can't wait to see all his pics

9:34 PM  
Blogger papermemories said...

Steph...LOVE the sweater! Purple would be beautiful!

9:47 PM  

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