Tuesday, January 16, 2007

death to the pen-shaped objects

1. Sorry for the lack of posting; somehow on Friday I fell into some sort of time warp and ended up here. I knew that in time, the semester would begin to speed up, but it's already decided to break into a gallop and shows no sign of letting up until the beginning of April.

2. The weekend was very restful, compared to the week before. On Saturday, I had some work for Sue, and some readings, but mainly I straightened up the apartment, picked up a few groceries and baked pecan pies. When Sean got in from play practice he made supper, which was amazing. I'm not much of a shrimp fan, or shellfish in general, but how can you possibly dislike shrimp in butter and white wine and garlic and a bit of lemon? Can't be done.
Sunday was also pretty quiet. I went over to Gail's in the afternoon to play with her sock knitting machine, which unfortunately seems to be missing a critical component at the moment. The rest of it works beautifully, though, and Gail is looking into buying the component or, failing that, bringing the machine to Nova Scotia this weekend for Dad to jury-rig something to make it go. We had a roast, with roasted vegetables, and chocolate frozen yogurt with homemade chocolate pirelle bowls and fresh strawberries and chocolate sauce... it was a good weekend for food.

3. The cats are getting squirelly with the weather acting up; Parallax found, somewhere, the end of a roll of Rolaids with a couple still wrapped up in the foil and has been viciously batting it around, while Tonks periodically attacks anything vaguely pen-shaped.
Cats: better than cable.

4. Yesterday was a sort of fuzzy haze of Cicero and Paleoamerican projectile point characteristics; I can't think of much to say that would be halfway intelligent about the schoolwork except that this semester of Latin is going to be a shock to the system. In the evening, since I recently discovered that Sean hasn't seen HBO's Rome, we watched a few episodes while I finished up some work for Sue and knit. He seems to be enjoying it; as for me, I'm pretty excited about Season 2, which started Sunday night and will be covering the material that we're studying in my Augustus seminar.

5. Today I woke up at five in the morning to the sounds of an incredibly loud snow plow thundering past my bedroom window down the boarding house's driveway, and then backing up - complete with ear-piercing beep noises - over and over for about fifteen minutes. I was not impressed. I was more impressed with the snow dumped all over the place. It's about time we had a real winter storm. Sadly, school wasn't cancelled. It never is.
Class today was the Augustus seminar, which is looking as terrifying as ever, and then a brief meeting with Sue to talk about things to do this semester (yes, we've already done this twice, but objectives keep changing). The latest version of events includes two or three road trips (a trip to Halifax and either one or two visits to Metepenagiag), the cataloging of site 2, and converting old footage of field schools and excavations from VHS, Super 8 and other exciting formats into DVD in order to edit them into something useful. After heading over to the lab, I discovered that I had forgotten to bring the keyboard again, and also that before I would need it anyway I will have to bring the artifacts from site 2 over to the Anthropology barn to clean them, because they're caked with mud. Boo.

6. Tonight: Latin, Honours seminar homework, Rome, sleep. Maybe some curry in there. Last night's maple curry was so good I might try to talk Sean into having it again tonight.

7. Oh yes, and Grant's marks finally went through. A+; well worth the wait. It's nice to see my battered and bruised cumulative GPA make a triumphant leap to 3.0. Very nice indeed.


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