Tuesday, September 18, 2007

filling in the corners

1. You'll notice that my twitter is starting to develop a pattern - school, decompress, work, decompress, homework, etc. It seems to take me about two hours, minimum, to recover from the outside world when I get home.

2. Now that work and school are beginning to settle into patterns, I'm letting myself look at the things going on that aren't work and school. The NBCC seems to be determined to cut me down to five hours at some point, and so I'm interested in being a TA in the Classics department; Professor Kerr came by the Philosophy lounge to look for people who might be interested, and I've put in my name to be considered (the Classics society has been kicked out of their usual lounge in Carleton because of renovations, and has annexed the Philosophy lounge; I think we need to put up a flag or something, because we now own the place). It's a maximum of ten hours a week, but usually (I hear) much less.

I joined the Classics society. Woot! It only took five years of fully intending to. I also seem to have both candidates for the presidency of the Anth society trying to get me to be on the executive again. I'm not sure why. The society was not marked by success last year.

I'm also playing D&D again. To play D&D, you need at least one or two, but preferably three or four other people who are interested in playing and committed to showing up regularly. If you are very popular and strong with the Force, you can even play more than one campaign with different groups, but I've never really been in that position before.

Now, Sean and I are teaching Danielle to play, and so we are playing an oddly delightful campaign on Sundays, accompanied by cooking vegetarian food in quantity together (Danielle is veggie) so we can have lunches during the week. We've played two or three sessions at this point.
Will, with whom I have traveled three foreign countries, has recently moved here and has no one to be nerdy with, so we are starting a campaign soon (Will, Sean and I). I don't really want to introduce him to Danielle's campaign because we're sort of making a tutorial run of it, and also he wants to run the campaign, with Sean and I playing. I am going to play a druid with a rust monster companion, ha ha ha how awesome is that I'm such a nerd.

And Erica is coming to visit tomorrow, and I'm having coffee with Neil on a semiregular basis, and Megan Mackay is back in Fredericton and hopefully will come over a lot to visit and have a break from icky residence people and caf food.

In summary: I have a life! of sorts!

3. Also, Sean has applied for a few workstudy positions and has two interviews lined up! They are good jobs, that pay rather well and are interesting and academic-based (like my lab assistant job). He has an interview tomorrow to work at The Fiddlehead, a literary magazine (this is very exciting). and an interview on Thursday to be research assistant to a sociology professor (less exciting to me, but he's pretty pumped about getting lots of experience researching). We're very hopeful. It's either this or washing dishes. Or working at the porn store.

4. Tomorrow: school, decompress, studying Latin with Cora Vetch in the early evening, and then visiting with Erica in the later evening!


Blogger dp said...

I am exhausting, just reading your blog!@!!!!
Way to go girl, and good luck to Sean with either job... sounds very cool.

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