Tuesday, September 11, 2007

so many lines to go before I sleep

1. It's been raining all day, and I was forcefully reminded today that my boots, which bore me all through last winter in all manner of gross weather, are full of holes. Boo. We're still in money limbo, where we need to pay rent and buy books and work less, and all that general sort of back to schoolness, but have not yet recieved our fat student cheques, so everyone is going "where is my money yo" and we're stuck repeating "um, look, can you ask me again in about a week maybe? 6-8 business days?"

2. School yesterday was exhausting, and I learned a lesson. Several, actually.
  • it takes more than two hours to translate thirty lines of poetry. I could swear it used to take less time, and admittedly I'm rusty, but that's just plain terrifying when you consider we're talking about fifty lines of poetry every Monday, Wednesday and Friday until I turn 24.
  • it takes longer than ten minutes to boot it up the hill from WLCS to Anthropology. I arrived panting, in disarray, late. Awkward.
  • while I'm not as rusty as I thought I would be at Greek, I'm still pretty darn rusty.
I'm seriously considering dropping the Anthropology of Literacy and Learning, interesting readings or not. The petty concerns of time and space and my poor little legs aside, it is a fifth year course that I don't need to take, and I really ought to be preserving my shiny Anthropology GPA, not gambling it on whimsy. The reading and coursework would be intense, and I just don't have the time to devote to it. Yes, I did seminars last year and Latin - but now I have Greek too.
World Literature Culture Studies is turning out to be an excellent impulse course, though. I've started looking at every class through the lense of my honours subjects, and it's about ancient texts (Classics, even) from a cultural point of view (Anthropological, in fact). I spend the class thinking about how I would teach it if it were my class, and not because the prof is teaching it poorly (he's doing an excellent job, in fact) - just because I think about the things he's talking about, and have read some work on them in the past. I also finally learned what the Sapir-Wharf hypothesis is, which is kind of embarassing for an Anthropology honours student.
Tomorrow I'm going to start a new class to possibly replace Anth - Media Culture 1000. It might be interesting, and it will probably be a lot easier to fit into temporal, spatial and academic spaces in my life.

3. On Sunday, I finished a hat. I need batteries in a bad way.

4. Yesterday was Will's birthday, and Sean and I went to visit and play Mario Party. Sean got to meet Fraser and Amanda, two of our Mexico amigos.

5. I'm running out of steam, so I had better get started on my poetry for the night.


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school sounds so fun.... way above my head but fun

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