Wednesday, August 01, 2007


1. Almost a week without a peep again! I know. Summers without internet are hard.

2. Let's see. On the weekend we had an unexpected visit from Matt and Porter again, so there was much video gaming and geekdom. On Saturday I went up to the mall to look into a booster for our internet, but the condescending computer store dudes have this thing where they see me and think they can sell me anything they want and I won't know any better. No, I don't want a USB wireless booster, I want something for my router. No, I don't want your $300 router. Ugh.
But I walked home in the crushing heat, stopping on the way to pick up a dozen bagels at the Great Canadian Bagel (well worth it) and to discover a terrific sale at Fabricville. I've got ambitious plans about sewing sundresses, but it's hard to cut out things with dull scissors and no pins, so I have to hunt before I can start.

3. Sunday night Sean and I watched the entire Pirates of the Caribbean series, which is an undertaking of note. The third one was quite good, though unexpected surreal in bits and bittersweet at the end. I want one of those little crabs.

4. This week has been quiet at work, in ways. I've been working on a new splash screen for the NBCC based on the LCBO splash, and doing small tasks for Fredericton. The show next week in Moncton is all but ready, and the board meeting tonight is looking to be relatively peaceful.
In the evenings we haven't been up to much; Monday was a quiet night of reading, and last night we had Danielle over. I was supposed to teach her how to knit, but we ended up chatting and telling stories until well past 1 without picking up the needles. Maybe soon? In any case, she's excited, because Sean's mom has finally decided to take her on (probably) as her apprentice in her pottery next summer! It should work out really, really well.

5. My new favourite toy is twitter. You can see that little block in the top right of my blog - it is a feed from twitter, updated from Google Talk, or twitter, or my phone. It'll be updated far more frequently than the blog, mainly because it's faster.

6. Today: work, board meeting, cafe opening downstairs. Tomorrow: Will is coming up on an apartment-hunting trip, so we're hanging out tomorrow. This weekend: preparing for Beausejour and entertaining Sara Squires, a friend from high school, and her boyfriend. She's on a cross country couch surfing trip and is on her way home to Hali.

7. Picture of the week: we paid $75 for this picture from the Gleaner. Cute as buttons. It'll be on the Fredericton advertising. The clay man is one of Helen's (Sean's mom).

8. AND! Last but certainly not least, many birthday wishes for Scott.


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cute pics....

pics of the apt would be fun too.

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