Thursday, July 26, 2007

summer in the city

1. Ye gods it is too hot. Our office has these big beautiful windows that refuse to open, so the effect is a lot like a hothouse. The cats are melting into sad puddles of furry goo (at least Parallax is; Tonks puts in an appearance every two days or so, but it's usually at night when the heat is less), and walking between work and home is an exercise in trying not to die of heat stroke by dodging into the shade at every opportunity to breathe.

2. What have I been up to this week? Work, and not much else. Eight hour days after a four day weekend are just sort of draining, and the heat makes it worse. So does the pain in my jaw, which still hasn't gone away.
Aside from fanning myself and drinking lemonade, I've been watching Sean immerse himself in a number of new hobbies. We had Danielle over on Tuesday night, and she expressed an interest in finding a starter violin, so Sean traded his for a little guitar of hers (indefinite loan kind of trade) and has been noodling about with the guitar ever since. He's also beating his head against HTML and CSS designing web sites, and scooting off to aikido classes. It makes for a lonely sort of existence, and most of our conversations are about interesting blocks and counters, or else the finer points of HTML tags. To be fair, he also straightened up the house to "mostly livable" status while I was at work yesterday, so this weekend I can finish putting things away and maybe get back to some of my own hobbies.

3. Things are going well at work - we were up to thirty-nine tentatively this morning, but lost one for unknown reasons, so we're down to thirty-eight. It's not bad, though; last year we had something like forty-seven in the end (though for some reason I thought it was more like forty-three) and there are an awful lot of craftspeople who wait until the bitter end to sign up.

4. This weekend: cleaning, and maybe sewing.


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