Friday, July 20, 2007

paint! money! work! potter!

1. Another internet-less week. My blogging muscles are getting weak and flabby; this situation has got to go.

2. Let's see. In my last entry I was hoping for a busy weekend of unpacking and so on, but it didn't end up happening at all, because Matt came back with Porter and they stayed for the weekend. I didn't end up doing much of any use.
I worked all Monday and Tuesday, and now the NBCC website is mostly bilingual and has a nice gallery of pictures to look at. There are lots of hours of work into things that you can't really see - nice new buttons in both languages and formatting things - but the end result is good.
On Wednesday, Mom came up, and we plotted painting and so forth with Gail and Sean all morning, and then spent the afternoon unpacking books and packing boxes of laundry to bring home this weekend and wash. It was a fairly busy day compared to my usual office days, so I slept like the dead.
On Thursday, I had to go to work and format our quarterly newsletter, which was a bit of a disappointment because no one sent in the reports they were supposed to, but there you go. Sean got called into work (grr) but luckily Sandra decided to come up and help Mom paint, so they had a blast balancing on boxes and ladders and painting. She's written it up with lots of pictures here. At the end of the painting, it looked amazing, and Sean cooked us a big pasta supper.
And today, I got up and packed and Mom picked me up, and we drove and drove home. We talked the whole way, and helped a young mother order at a Wendy's in Truro (her kids were being a bit of a handful so we ordered for her).

3. This weekend is, of course, the big weekend: The Deathly Hallows! I'm home in the Valley for the weekend, and my family has graciously decided to let me have first crack at the book because I read so fast (I may have it done before Michelle gets home from work). I'm also doing a lot of laundry or whatever, but - Book Seven!

4. A random bit of excitement today - I seem to have been awarded another scholarship! So far this year I was awarded $1000 for my Mexico trip, $300 as a Classics prize for good grades, $2000 Millennium Bursary (which comes right off my loan - very good) and now I've gotten an email that I'm getting an $800 scholarship, the Mr. and Mrs Conrad J. Osman Scholarship! Money money money. Good grades are worth it.

5. I'm going to put up a links post pretty soon with all the links I've been piling up, but here are some pictures:The pasta salad I blogged last week... mmm.

The kids' tent at Rothesay, with Silas helping kids make macaroni and clay sculptures, and Chelsea standing back. Chelsea was hired somewhat randomly as a local worker for the festival, but I know her from before - she's one of Neil's very good friends.

Sean and his parents' puppy lucy, who is getting much bigger but also much calmer.

The new painted border, the vast expanse of our wall, and Tonks creeping around sniffing painting tools. Mom never, ever sees her, but she came out after all the painting was done and so I snapped a picture so Mom would believe me that she's still alive. For more pictures of my new walls, check out my mom's blog.


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