Saturday, August 25, 2007

god bless melrose place

1. I'm sitting in my living room, on the internet. How is this possible? This morning we just sort of noticed that there was now an unlocked, full strength wireless network available called Melrose Place. Please, please let it remain available.

2. Let's see. This week was very, very busy at work. Shasta is at her new job at Downtown Fredericton at the moment, and is coming back probably Tuesday for the festival madness, and I hadn't realized, but a lot of the things I thought she was doing for the festival kind of went by the wayside as she was teaching Amy how to do her job, so I suddenly had rather a lot to do. Last minute additions, drop outs, bookings, permits, and corrections have left me tired and twitching a little.
On Wednesday I found myself heading up to Miramichi with Cora Woolsey, my fellow anthropology student and also the lead singer of Vetch, a band playing at the festival. It was a fun drive, and we got to play archaeologist in the lab so the dignitaries at the Metepenagiag Heritage Centre Opening could see what the fishbowl-like lab is for. It was a long ceremony to be standing out in the sun listening to speeches for, but we were treated to catered "traditional foods" afterward like miniature fiddlehead quiche and mooselaki (marinated moose bits on a stick). An interesting trip, with a sort of shadow cast over it by the loss of my purse for a couple days because of a mixup with the rental cars.
Pics, courtesy of Cora's Facebook:
The Metepenagiag Heritage Centre.

Me, looking at Anne (yes, Anne from Mexico) in the lab, as Sue rushes out the door.

Dancers performing after the speeches and so on.

3. Sean is also having a stressful week on a couple of levels. His job situation, which has been stressful all summer both because of minor clashes with his manager and unbelievably bad scheduling that left him working almost every day and yet only getting 25 hours per week, has come to a head. On Tuesday they came to a mutual termination agreement and he'll be finished working there as of this coming Tuesday. On the plus side, at least he'll be able to work the festival for me. I think it's possible that he is making as much with NBCC as he is with Bejewel this month.
Shock #2 came this morning. Because of some issues with courses in the winter semester, and his disastrous first year six years ago, he's not going to be able to get a student loan this year (he's on suspension until next year) and this morning he learned that he's not going to be able to get a line of credit, either. So. There's not really any question of being able to find a job, because looking for fulltime work has never been that much of a problem for him; his best case scenario is getting the full time jewelry position in the Bejewel workshop, which is possible. We haven't discussed it much because the shock is a bit much at this point, but I imagine we'll be able to at least work it out so he can take an intro course in the evenings to keep his admission to UNB and stay in touch with the academic world.
So. A pretty crappy week, honestly. Except for Melrose Place.

4. In other news, I finished the green pair of plain stockingette socks I was making, and am making some blue Monkeys. Pics as soon as I buy batteries for the camera...

5. Pics from the barbecue party two weeks ago:Matt.


Porter and Porter's hat.


Will and Kevin watching Sean play with the barbecue on the roof.

Sara and me.

6. Pics from the setup of Elements:

Silas and Amy.

The mess.


Blogger dp said...

Too bad about Sean, is there any way to appeal?
And how do you think he will like working at Bejeweled in the back. Is it different than the manager up front at the store part? Oh, poor Sean. Very disappointing for him and for you

12:38 PM  
Blogger Scott said...

My regards to Sean. That really really sucks. Best of luck to both of you in the next couple of weeks!

7:06 PM  

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