Friday, August 03, 2007

attn Miramichi: tie down your cows

1. The weather is still blisteringly hot and sticky, with the added bonus of a vicious thunderstorm warning in effect, with a tornado warning for Miramichi (a good long way from here). The office is oppressively hot.

2. Last night I went out to see apartments with Will and discuss his various apartment options, and then we met up with Amanda (from the Mexico trip) and her friend Ruben, and Kristine (from the Belize trip), and Kevin, Will's roommate who has traveled here with him. We ended up spending the evening socializing on the patio at Dolan's, a pub in the Tannery, and just generally had a fun evening. A friend of Amanda's named Julia showed up partway through and has kindly lent me an air mattress for Sara and her boyfriend to sleep on (Julia keeps it in her truck in case she can't drive home, which is a rather smart idea).
This morning I got up early and met Danielle for early morning coffee, conversation, and catsitting instructions. She's going to Sean's parents' house to dogsit while they're away, and while her own cats (Frank and Mr. Bennett) are going to be sat by someone else, I'm taking over a catsitting job she's been doing for a little while. The cat is named Kiki, and she is a big fluffy cat who is only a little spoiled. She's a sweetheart, actually.

3. This week has been stressful at work for a number of reasons, but this weekend is going to be what you might call intense non-stress activity. Will is visiting, so I may end up doing something social this evening, and tomorrow Sara and her boyfriend are showing up at some point to stay the night and see some of Fredericton. Sunday night, when Sean is done work, we may be randomly going camping out in Mactequac for the night - Will has camping gear and I really want to go camping at some point this summer, even if it must be Mactequac.

4. Next week is the Elements show! If you want to see the pieces or the catalogue that Amy laboured over, go here (the gallery displays when you click on the picture that says Elements). There's some nice work in there.


Blogger dp said...

The art is beautiful. I just had a look. Wow. I love the twitter... pretty cool. I hope you have a fun weekend with all your company and with Will, and I do hope you get camping. Did Will find an apt?

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