Tuesday, March 13, 2007

to frog or not to frog

1. Well, you seem to agree that I ought to frog the sock... heartbreaking. I want to at least show the yarn store lady before that step.

2. Busy, busy day today. I went to class and then spent a lot of time shuttling paperwork around campus, printing and faxing and mailing and talking to offices. It feels like an exhausting day - a few hours in the lab felt like a break by comparison - but it's not over yet; I have to do rather a lot of Latin for tomorrow, and my honours seminar assignment. Even so, the break must have done me more good than I thought; I feel far less burnt out than I did. It actually seems possible to make it through the next month.

3. Hurray for Ikea:

It's Official. As we posted last week, we now have confirmation that IKEA USA will be following its European stores and will begin charging for their "throw away" plastic bags. We stopped by our local IKEA (Costa Mesa) last night and saw the signage, which others have stated in the comments is also up in other stores across the nation. Starting March 15,2007 Ikea will charge 5¢ per bag, and are offering their blue reusable bag at a reduced price for 59¢. The signage reads "Next time you see a bag caught in a tree, it won't be ours. That's our goal." (via Apartment Therapy)
4. I've been seriously stressing about my archaeology seminar; I called and called NB Power last week, to no avail. As it turns out, they were all on vacation for March Break, because I'm getting replies now. Far from stonewalling, as we thought they might, the records manager is being kind enough as to let me look around in their files, and there's apparently far more information there than we thought there would be. I love it when these stressful things pay off. I hope it will be useful.

5. Latin time! If you haven't yet, do offer an opinion on what to do about the One Sock, either in this post's comments or the actual post's comments.


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Gail left a blog via me, as she can't seem to blog on your site, so check your last entry for a comment which is opposed to my suggestion

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