Monday, March 19, 2007

Nova Scotia Student Loans, you are dead to me.

1. My morning began with an unexpected phone call from UNB's resident angel, Kelly Waugh.
Let me tell you something about Ms. Waugh. Despite my inability to pronounce her last name, she has saved my butt more than a couple of times, and judging by how much more together even I have it than a lot of my fellow students, she must save an awful lot of butts in the run of a day. She's the Financial Aid officer, not to be confused with the smiley knee-breakers at Financial Services; she nursemaids loan applications, bursaries, and work-study financial assessments, apparently tirelessly. Really, really late with your student loan forms? She'll fax them direct to her contact in whatever province you're from and get them checked out to make sure they're ready to go. Confused about the foibles and caveats of student loans? She'll guide you through. Really, really late receiving your student loan? She'll call the knee-breakers off with a single phone call. Basically, she rocks, and when I graduate, no matter how poor I am, I'm sending her a big pretty bouquet of flowers.
Last time I saw Ms. Waugh was last week, sending out what I was assured was the last form NSSL needed to get my loan assessment together. She checked it over and faxed it for me.
So this morning she rang up at about 9:30 and I'll admit I was still a little bit asleep. The gist of the story, though, is this: despite all rational reading of regulations, Nova Scotia, lone amongst the provinces and territories of Canada, does not grant full time student loans for a single session of school in the summer; you have to attend both intersession and summer session, even if you're taking a full course loan in that session. This means it will cover, at most, maybe $1600 for tuition and $400 for books - no travel or living accommodations. Fine, whatever. That sucks, but maybe my bursary will cover the remainder. Problem: I have to fill out a completely separate part-time loan form, restarting the process again.
Nova Scotia Student Loans: stomping on dreams to serve you better since 19--.

2. So I'm going to carry on filling out forms and dancing a hopeful dance, but this puts the trip in a certain amount of jeopardy. To that end, I'm also sending out applications to dig for money in a few places for the end of April and all of May. Worst comes to worst, I'll work my few hours a week at the NBCC in May helping Shasta and start fulltime in June.
I don't even want to think what would happen if my SEEDS application was also Trogdor'd by the government.

3. Other than that - socks, class, socks. The Quill Lace gauge is messing with my head. Work goes so much faster on 3.25mm needles than on 2.5mm needles. Imagine.


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